5KHz~180MHz 2埠式RF信號產生器及向量網路分析儀:

1. 5KHz ~180MHz
2. USB host communication to PC
3. Port 1 is equivalent to an antenna analyzer
4. Port 2 has a 50 ohm input impedance with return loss greater than 30 dB.
5. Nominal dynamic range of port 2 : 100 dB up to 50 MHz, 80 dB up to 160 MHz
6. Programmable RF amplitude for Port 1 up to 7 dBm.
7. Resistance and reactance measurements of antennas and discrete components
8. Impedance measurements through filters or networks
9. Markers for impedance scans and Smith charts
10. Band scan to check for interfering signals
11. Quartz crystal parameter measurements
12. Preprogrammed functions, such as tuning a ¼ WL stub, and many more
13. I/O expansion port for accessories (digital and analog)
14. Calibration loads are included
15. Impedance measurements can range up to 10.000 ohms
16. The sign of the phase angle indicates either inductive or capacitive reactance without ambiguity.

1. Resistance and reactance for series or parallel equivalent circuits
2. Impedance magnitude and phase angle
3. SWR
4. Return loss
5. 2 port network transmission (S21, magnitude and phase)
6. S11 and S21 can be plotted at the same time.
7. TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)
8. Smith chart displays (featuring phase rotation and zoom)


1. 13.56MHz NFC RFID Antenna designing and testing
2. Antenna analyzer