Cimtrac introduces the Sargas UHF RFID Reader. The Sargas reader is a 2-antenna-port, HDMI, USB, network, UHF reader in a low profile enclosure for easy installation, the tag read range is over 9 meters when configured with appropriate antennas. This product is suitable for manufacturing WIP control and high-speed vehicle management access and other long-distance RFID applications.

Cimtrac introduces the USB Pro UHF RFID Reader. USB Pro has a built-in antenna design and provides one external antenna port, the tag read range is up to 1.2 meters by internal antenna. By using the 6dBiL antenna the tag read range can up to 6 meters. This product is suitable for manufacturing WIP control, access control and visitor management and other mid-range RFID applications.

Cimtrac introduces the M1 mini 13.56MHz HF RFID reader module. M1 mini has a built-in antenna design, the size is less than the diameter of 26mm, the thickness is less than 3mm.this reader module is suitable for the portable RFID reader.M1 mini can support ISO14443 and ISO15693 tag communication protocol and the read range is about 3~5 cm.

Featured Products

Passive HF RFID:(2017/08/10)

1.Mini Reader module : Provides UART , I2C & SPI interface ; Support ISO14443 and ISO15693 tag ; read range can reach 5cm
2.Ethernet Reader module : Provides Ethernet interface ; Support ISO14443 and ISO15693 tag ; read range can reach 7cm

Passive UHF RFID(2017/08/10)
1.Cimtrac UHF Tag:Tag IC- Alien, High Temperature ; Metal mount label ; Laundry and ID Card
2.Cimtrac UHF Antenna: compact size for RFID Printer ; Handheld and Fixed reader
3.Reader Module:
RF output power – 0.5W or 1W
Antenna port – 1, 2, or 4 ports

1.IIoT controller / gateway : ARM CPU, 1 GB SDRAM, RS232 x 1, USB port x 4 & Ethernet port x 1, support Windows 10 IoT or Linux O.S.
2.RFID Sensor Tag : Read range-0.5 ~ 2M and temperature detection range: -40°C ~85°

2.4GHz Wide Band Real Time Locationing System (2014/10/01)
1.Tag : IP66 rating with 2 push buttons and 3 LED, battery chargeable
2. Reader and Gateway: Indoor and Outdoor type, USB and POE host interfaces
3. Location Engine Software and Open API: Providing sub meter accuracy and comprehensive RTLS management tools

Total Solution

3~50cm read range (HF 15693/14443&NFC)




1~10 meters read range (UHF:902-928MHz/ISO & EPC C1G2)


5~50 meters read range(2.4GHz Wide Band Real Time Locationing System)